Why Video Marketing is Now

The world of marketing is always changing. From the introduction of psychology as a tool for advertising in the early 20th century, to deep analysis of data and the rise of advertising science, you have to consider a lot before crafting your marketing campaign. Video marketing is the newest trend, and there are many compelling reasons for investing your time in this new marketing venture.

Effective Marketing is Visual

When it comes to marketing, one thing is for certain: effective marketing is visual. Think of the most memorable ads you’ve ever seen. What do you remember most? Chances are, something visual about the ad stuck with you and to this day reminds you of the product or at least what the ad was about.

There are many reasons for this. For one, the human brain processes and retains visual information much more quickly than it does text. In fact, the brain’s processing speed for an image is 60,000 times faster than it is for text. This fact alone should tell you that visual marketing is worth the effort!

Another thing to consider is that many social media outlets push visual content more than posts with only text. One HuffPost article claims that “photos on Facebook…generate 53 per cent more likes than a text-based post.” This is a big deal!

Finally, it is important to remember how much videos play a part in everyday life. Spending some portion of the day watching videos is the norm, whether on YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, or some other media outlet, and this is true for children and adults alike. Having a marketing tool that is a natural addition to everyday routine can only work in your favor if your strategy is sound.

When a Trend is Here to Stay

Many marketing trends are just that: trends. They enjoy their hype until some new strategy comes along. Will video be another one of those trends? It seems more likely that video marketing is here to stay. Video has the remarkable quality of being quite versatile. This means that, while specific trends of video marketing may change, video marketing itself is likely here to stay.

Making a Video that Stands Out

With videos dominating the marketing world, making a video that stands out is more important than ever. How can you create a video that looks professional and is unique, effective, and true to your product and mission? This will depend upon what you hope to achieve and where you currently stand.

For example, you might attempt something as ambitious as rethinking your SEO strategy or something as simple as adding a call to action in your videos. These are just a few steps you can take to create a video that stands out – get a little creative, keep a check on your length, and most importantly, stay true to your mission. 

Great marketing videos always prioritize your mission and story more than detailed facts. Start with an intro that grabs viewers’ attention and keeps them interested. If a viewer can connect with the mission, story, or inspiration behind your product or company, they will be more likely to care when it comes to the details. With this starting point, you will be set to have a video that stands out and a marketing strategy for success. 

How to Keep Up with Video Marketing

The versatility of videos can be overwhelming. You have to consider wild variations in length, style, and format, and even changing expectations of where videos should appear. Videos can include sound or be silent. They might be part of an entire video marketing series, or a one-time ad meant to catch your attention with its unique energy. In video marketing, the options are endless — but this also means that trends change constantly.

Let’s take the example of autoplay videos. It’s hard to scroll down your Facebook timeline without having a (usually unwanted) video blasting for the one second it takes for you to scroll past it. Autoplay videos are a fairly recent development, but already they have found their way onto this list of 9 Marketing Trends We Need to Bid Farewell to in 2019. Because when it comes down to it, even if videos are here to stay, there will still be trends and trends will still die.

The best thing you can do to keep up with video marketing trends is to invest your time in noticing what works. Track your data, learn about current statistics, and stick with the videos that draw viewers and increase demand for your company. It may take some time and a lot of trial and error before you find what works for you. We provide the resources you need to make informed decisions about your video marketing strategies.