When you think of advertising, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Most people probably think of beautiful graphics, creative videos, a killer website, or maybe even some cool, old-school posters. While these things certainly have their place, a successful advertising campaign will need to do much more than just sound and look pretty. Read on to learn about the very real science of advertising and how Evolve Digital can help.

Creativity + No Plan = Bad Advertising

Let’s take a look at a hypothetical scenario: You’ve spent a large sum of money on your advertising campaign. You rebooted your website to fit the latest design trends; now it’s easy to navigate and appealing to look at. You’ve shot several promo videos and had them professionally edited. They’re so good they may as well be a movie trailer. Your blog is full of interesting, engaging material and your social media game is strong and creative. You’ve really gone full force, prioritizing your advertising more than ever.

The problem is, after making this huge investment you find yourself facing one discouraging question: why is no one seeing your work? Sadly, without a solid, strategic plan to reach viewers, all of your creativity just results in bad advertising. After all, there’s really not much point in having great content if no one ever sees it.

“Advertising” and “science” may not seem like words that should go together, but advertising science is what will help you put your work in front of more people. 

What Is “Advertising Science,” Anyway?

I’m glad you asked! Advertising science is the collection of data and use of psychology to make extremely well-informed guesses about consumer behavior. According to the Harvard Business Review, relatively new access to very detailed data makes it possible for advertisers to get pretty close when it comes to predicting human responses to advertising. 

This changes the game pretty drastically for advertisers. Before such data became so readily available, another advertising tool rocked the world of advertising in the early 1900s: the understanding of human psychology. This was both revolutionary and controversial, with its primary figurehead, Walter Dill Scott, getting fired from Cornell University after suggesting the idea. 

Using psychology as part of advertising strategies is now normal and expected. The advertising business has evolved and developed since then, and now a trade that has been traditionally viewed as an art is being called…a science? But that’s just part of the equation. 

How Science and Creativity Work Together

You need advertising science to get your content out into the world, to the right audience, and on the right platforms. On the other hand, you need creativity to produce content people care about. Advertising is both a science and an art; when you allow them to work harmoniously, you can craft the most effective advertising strategies possible.

Evolve Digital can help you move away from creative guesswork and towards strategic analysis without losing any of the creativity that goes into your work. Science and art are equally important, and we are here to help with both.

How can Evolve Help Your Advertising Campaign?

Evolve Digital does the work of analyzing data and science behind your advertisements. Jumping into a new way of thinking – advertising as science – can be daunting. Evolve is here to help with advanced strategies and analytics and to get your products off the ground with a specific and targeted game plan.

We offer four primary services: earned media, paid media, creative, and consulting. In each of these areas, we offer different options to fit your advertising needs. 

Don’t make the mistake of treating advertising as mere guesswork. Creativity and science should merge to create a campaign you can be proud of. A Charlotte marketing agency you can depend on, Evolve Digital will help you make a game plan with advanced data and analysis that will allow you to get your product in the right hands. Contact us today for more information on how to get started!